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We craft storytelling through video production

A great story begins with the foundation of understanding the user, the audience, the brand identity, and lastly, the core meaning of the story. While a picture speaks a thousand words, a video goes a long way in capturing your audience and communicating your message. From 2D production to 3D animation, we ensure your brand is heard.

Give your audience the opportunity to connect, engage and resonate with your story through motion. We communicate your brand into engaging stories that capture your audience’s attention. Above all, we understand your brand identity and the core message you want to portray, and then create a strategic approach to your motion feature. Taking all factors into consideration, we choose the music, voice-over artists, and build a storyboard to map out the script in order to bring your brand message to life through production.

Production 1 Storyboarding

Production 2 Video Editing

Production 3 Video Music Scoring

DCL LOGO WHITE ICON 2D / 3D Motion Production

DCL LOGO WHITE ICON Commercial Video Production

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Strengthening the local cake and pastries brand through digital marketing.


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