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Angel Esports

Team Angels Esports was founded in 2021 on Monday, September 20th by CEO Tronix. He made his intentions clear for members of the Angels: to grow together as a team, build relationships with one another and be the best players anyone could hope to become. He has a goal to expand this mobile gaming organization into other games besides League of Legends: Wild Rift and turn it into a licensed organization hoping to become one of the future household names in the industry. With quality designs coming from Dauntless Creative Labs, they aim to get a great following in the scene and produce their own merchandise in the near future. With the end goal of being known within the mobile gaming scene while also helping players and content creators grow together, the Angels intend to bring a confident and good mentality along the crazy journey.



Team Angels Esports needed a logo that was simple yet classy with more of a heroic feel. We looked into different options conceptualized by our designers and thought of a beautiful concept that focused on embodying the confidence and positivity they carried as an organization. Regular communication was a key factor in ensuring that the imagination Team Agnes Esports was looking for became a reality.


A superhero feel, wings and a uniquely designed A were the base concepts of the Team Angels Esports logo.


Modifications were made to ensure that the logo represented their branding’s color and also gave out a simple 3D effect.

Bringing the logo to life with 3D animation, we created the heroic entrance Team Angels Esports was looking for.


Depending on where they would intend to place the logo, the designers ensured that it would still have the same appeal and quality regardless whether it was in color, black or white. We made sure their voice was heard throughout the project, listening to their advice and suggestions in how it could turn out. With their logo finalized, we were able to deliver a unique logo that truly satisfied our client.



Following the logo’s design, a 3D model was created and animated accordingly we looked into making the design glow and stand out to represent their vision of confidence.


Different metallic textures were tested and applied to get the right glow and feel. Team Angels Esports needed a heroic entrance and the right metallic texture would bring the logo design to life and provide the shining glow that we would imagine from angelic figures.


3D Animation Sequence

Our 3D animators conceptualized the birth of a logo, heroically entering the scene and rising through the sky as a dominant and confident figure. Following the captions  and taglines provided by our client, we made sure to match these with how the logo was formed and revealed throughout the sequence of the video below.

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