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 Dauntless Queens K/DA EDITION Dauntless Queens K/DA EDITION Dauntless Queens K/DA EDITION Dauntless Queens K/DA EDITION



Royalties of the Rift


Livestream Assets

Promotional Assets

Stream Direction

Dauntless Queens is a group of all-female content creators under Dauntless Streamers, loved for their passion and contribution to the gaming community in the Philippines. They were slated to make their debut collaboration stream in the fourth quarter of 2021. As Dauntless Streamers’ creative agency counterpart, we were involved in the creation of the stream’s assets, direction, and promotional content. We worked alongside the event’s sponsors, Archon Esports and Minute Burger, to ensure the Queens’ anticipated debut stream went above and beyond expectations.

The members’ first collaboration stream has been highly anticipated since Dauntless Queens’ initial reveal. Composed of high-profile streamers and content creators in the Philippines gaming community, Ultrashin, Kcbae, Blaise Buendia, Beiii, and Vannybear, the debut stream’s theme is based off of League of Legends: Wild Rift’s very own quintet pop girl group, K/DA.

Promotional Assets


A homage to the baddest

The team looked to combine the K/DA inspiration with the Queens’ individual and unique personalities, and we immediately sought to strike the balance between the two. With this in mind, we worked closely with the Queens themselves to glean their opinions and suggestions. Once we established the branding, we created all relevant GFX to be used by the Dauntless Streamers team.

The Queens were very collaborative, committing fully to their upcoming debut stream by cosplaying as their respective K/DA counterparts. Each members’ cosplay were used in the official event teasers, and the overwhelming response to each individual generated even more hype.


Personifying excellence

Following the official K/DA branding, we based our assets’ color palette off of the iridescent look. The bright pastel hues stand out immensely from the dark background used as a base color for our screens.


Livestream Assets


Bringing Queenship to life

During the design process, we immediately looked to the source material of our theme: K/DA. A standout characteristic of the skins is the iridescent imagery, present in the character garb and music video visuals. We incorporated the official iridescent background into the livestream branding, enhancing the overall design. This was also used in elements such as text and camera frames as an eye-catching feature to contrast againt the dark-colored backgrounds.


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